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All efforts of the site creator will be brought to naught, if You use a wrongly selected hosting. In this case you won’t be able to get new clients, moreover, you can lose your old ones.

Our sites is on the computers with the following configuration:
Dual Pentium 1Ghz, 2Gb Ram, dual 18Gb SCSI HDD (Raid)

Now we have 3x100Mb connection in the internet at our disposal.
We can locate your site on our servers or install a special computer for you with configuration you need and with the internet connection capacity as well.

We do not see sense in the publication pricelist here,
as hosting services include not only HDD space and hooking up to network.
As a rule, it is in the aggregate of installation and set-up of an operating system, purchase and installation of domains, installation of mail addresses, calculation of indispensable throughput capacity of connection, other additional and personal services.

You can take supplementary information in section
"Contact Us" (Support Service) or here